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Chat made simple

In the future, people might video chat without opening their mouth or tapping their keypads. This might be accomplished through Thought Wave Communication, TWC for short, Video chatters may only need to have a real time connection to communicate freely without saying a word or typing messages. Looking in to each others eyes to start, and after that initial connection was made, looking at each other might not be as important as concentrating. By simply concentrating on someone their thoughts…


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The Cyber Kid

Be Advised: "The Cyber Kid" is a fictional story that deals with sex chat, and other ImMature subject matter, and is intended for ImMature adults only.

                                                                               The Cyber Kid

    This is a story of a man who learns hat he can send his thoughts across the globe in an instant to web-chat partners anywhere in the world, whether it be music, or words or both.

    During a heated chat session with one of his…


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The 2 Theory

The 2 Theory

Two heads are better than one, they say. And I've often times considered that to be true as I have made my way through numerous relationships with women, and people in general, such as brothers, bosses, and so called friends. At the time of my conception I was a part of a set of 2 .,., having an identical twin brother to deal with, is something I would not wish upon someone unless .,., well .,., I'd try not to do it under any circumstances .,., just to avoid hell. But there…


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Welcome to Cyber 101

    Hello, and thanks for checking out Cyber 101. As we know, the internet is a big place, and covers a lot of ground in a hurry .,., hmmm .,., what else do we know .,., cultures and the way people live in different parts of the world vary dramatically, but the web is a place where all that sometimes ceases to matter, or even exist. I want this site to be a place where folks can find a friend or share some stories relating to the web, or future advances that may be made possible by the…


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My ReverbNation Videos


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'Sunset Daze' gals talk stripper poles, reality TV

At first glance, Joanne Hauncher and Sandy Miracle-Jones don't seem like typical reality TV stars.

Both over the age of 60, the senior citizens count golf and charity work among their many hobbies and call the sprawling Sun City Grand retirement village in blazing hot Surprise, Ariz., home. Look at little closer, though, and golden girls Hauncher and Miracle-Jones are just as bawdy and ready to party as any "Real World/Road Rules Challenge" contestant.

The pastimes of Hauncher,…


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Melissa Etheridge ~ Show-Off Extrodinaire!

Melissa Etheridge

by Jay S. Jacobs


June 1994-This interview took place soon after Melissa Etheridge released what was soon to be her biggest album ever, Yes I Am.

Copyright ©1994 All rights reserved.

The idea of the guitar God is one that has always to seemed fall on the right side of the Y chromosome. Men are supposed to be the ones that love the chiming power chords and surging rock melodies. Women have tended to be… Continue

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"The Experiment that is Mankind"

Some people say: “There is no God, because if there was an all powerful God, who wanted good and peace in the world, he wouldn’t let things get in the shape they are, and allow bombs to drop on innocent people, and wars to rage, killing so many innocent people, and non combatants.”

This sounds like a good argument, but if you consider a God who created mankind as a group of people with brains in their heads, then wouldn’t he refrain himself from stepping in when things go wrong? So…


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"A Long Way to Heaven"

A guy, wakes up one morning in a small New England town, looks out his window, and sees that quite a bit of snow has fallen, and is still coming down. Great, he goes, I guess no work today, and I'm down to my last soup. Oh well, he goes, God will take

care of me, somehow. So he boils water, crunches his last Ramen noodle pack, dumps it in the pan, and adds the flavor pack. He gets dressed while his breakfast cools a little, talking to himself, and God, the whole time. Lord, he says, I…


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Answers to possible questions ,.,

Ok ,., I make videos, and belong to countless internet sites. Ning is without a doubt the premiere social networking organization in existence. Yes there are problems, but where else are you going to put together a web-site that offers people their own page and so many great features ,., Nowhere. I have found myself over and over wondering if content that I am submitting, or contemplating adding on different sites fits the sites theme. For this reason I created this one, and hope you will feel… Continue

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