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The 2 Theory
Two heads are better than one, they say. And I've often times considered that to be true as I have made my way through numerous relationships with women, and people in general, such as brothers, bosses, and so called friends. At the time of my conception I was a part of a set of 2 .,., having an identical twin brother to deal with, is something I would not wish upon someone unless .,., well .,., I'd try not to do it under any circumstances .,., just to avoid hell. But there could be silver lining material somewhere, if I just look in the right places .,., Right? So
     Isn't it likely, or even very likely that a pair of twins in the womb would communicate with each other? I would definitely say so, even if it was only by kicking or punching each other. But if you consider perhaps that the mother is an English specialist and teaches many other subjects as well, and the father is a professor of Anatomy and Physiology, and that the two of them may have been working on a manuscript for world wide publication that would become known as "Outline of Oral and Dental Anatomy" Published in 1964 when I was about 2 yrs old, than it would lead you to the conclusion that these two brains inside my mother would have been getting literally bombarded with words and ways of putting them together, so that by the time the birth was a couple of months off, these two would be exchanging words quite well, but how? you say .,., Thought Wave Communication, perhaps.  Just by thinking at each other. Of course, sadly .,., birth would come along and set the process back a few hundred years or so .,., or would it ?

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